The first step when creating a new Query is selecting a Query Type. The available Query Types in Virtuous are:

  • Contact
  • Individual
  • Contact Note
  • Gift
  • Gift Ask
  • Planned Gift
  • Pledge
  • Project
  • Project Note
  • Automated Task
  • Event
  • Event Invitation
  • Volunteer Opportunity

When selecting a query, the basic rule of thumb is to ask the question:

"What do I want a list of?"

The answer will determine your Query Type. Running a Contact Query will return a list of Contacts, while a Gift Query will yield a list of Gifts.

For example, to see a list of all the Contact who gave in the current year, you can select a Contact Query, which will allow for filtering using giving statistics as well as basic Contact data. However, to see a list of every Gift received in the current year, run a Gift Query instead.

In instances where your Query involves two or more data points from a related object, it's best to start by using the related object's Query Type first. For example, when looking for all Contacts with a Note Type of "Call" entered within the last 3 months, the best course is to create a Contact Note Query that includes the Note Type and Note date parameters, then save that query and nest it into a Contact Query to find the desired list of Contacts. See the articles on Saving Queries and Nesting Queries for more guidance on these topics.

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