Using nested Queries will allow you to incorporate parameters from multiple Query Types into a single Query.

For example, you might want to find all Contacts who have been called in the last 2 months. This requires nesting a Contact Note Query into a Contact Query.

To start, build a Contact Note query using "Note Type --> Is --> Call" and "Note Date --> After --> 60 days Ago." Save this query with a name (might we suggest "Calls Last 60 Days?") and then return to the main Query Tool screen.

Next, create a Contact Query and then use the "Contacts" field in your criteria. In this example, you'll want to find "Contacts --> In --> Calls Last 60 Days." This will return all Contacts who are connected with the Contact Notes listed in the first Query.

Any Query Type that relates to Contacts, like Contact Note, Gift, or Pledge, can be used with the "Contacts" field to create nested queries. Try it out!

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