Saved Queries are accessible from the main Query Tool screen. There, Queries will be listed under different tabs:

  • My Queries - any saved Queries you have created
  • Team Queries - any saved Queries created by other users within your organization
  • Best Practices - a series of Queries pre-loaded in Virtuous, designed for use with Virtuous Automation
  • Recent - all Queries that have been run recently but not saved with a name
  • All - Every saved Query in your organization

On any tab, it's possible to use the search box in the upper right to find a specific Query.

To the right of each Query there are three icons:

The first icon is the Copy icon; use this to make a copy of an existing query and then change the parameters. As a general rule, when using a Query created by another user, it's best to make a copy instead of changing the original Query.

The heart icon can be used to mark an Query as a Favorite. These Queries can then be accessed directly from the Dashboard.

Use the trash can icon to delete any saved Query.

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